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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Just For Laughs: The Muppets

It was just announced that The Comedy Network here in Canada will air a 90 minute Just For Laughs special on Christmas Eve, December 24th at 7:30pm featuring The Muppets. This was taped this past summer in Montreal. Needless to say it was a huge hit with the audience. Would love to hear any comments to those who were in attendance.


  1. I was there. At BOTH tapings. Oh. My. Frog it was good!
    I am really glad they are showing a 90 minute special because it was a lot of really good material. The shows were almost identical, except they had one goof up in the second show which was delightful - their monitors were pulled off the stage earlier than expected so they had to stop the scene. Funny.
    Adam Hills from Australia was the best comedian of the night, cause his enthusiasm for the Muppets was so infectious and actually matched the audience. We were all there to see THEM!
    I am sad it is on at this time, as our family traditions will make it tough for me to watch or record... so some thinking will have to be done with respect to this. I need to see this again and again. There's a tiny chance I may appear in one audience shot - but that's certainly not why I'm watching!

  2. Thanks Ceris so much for sharing! I so wish I could have been there too. Don't worry I will be recording a copy on my DVD Recorder so maybe I can help you out by making sure you get a copy for yourself!

  3. That would be AMAZING!!!!