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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Annie Sue returns in "Muppets...Again!"

Great news to those Muppet Fans looking to relive those "Muppet Show" days and the ongoing feud between Miss Piggy and Annie Sue.

You are about to get your wish!

According to the UK'S Empire Magazine, Annie Sue, and her original Muppeteer, Louise Gold, will be returning in The Muppets… Again!

Annie Sue, showed up in the third season of The Muppet Show. Her great singing ability led her to become a rival for Miss Piggy. A feud was born. However, the funny thing was, Annie Sue considered Miss Piggy to be her role model. 

Annie Sue ended up making just a couple appearances on the show and I think it is great, smart and a real treat for Muppet Fans that the Producer`s are revisiting this small part in Muppet History.  

In the Empire Magazine article we get a small interview with the Director, James Bobin. This is what he said that led to this breaking news:

There’s a real sense that the Muppets belong here [in London]. In fact we’ve hired a woman called Louise Gold, who was the only female puppeteer on the original Muppet Show, and we’ve revived one of her characters, Annie Sue, who was Piggy’s rival, a pig that’s obsessed with Piggy, and who Piggy doesn’t like.

Louise Gold, a native of Britain, was one of only a few female puppeteers to work on The Muppet Show, primarily as an assistant puppeteer working with Jim Henson and Jerry Nelson on multi-puppeteer characters. Her last work on a Muppet film was in Brian Henson`s Muppet Treasure Island. Welcome Back Louise!!

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