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Friday, February 15, 2013

"Inglourious Basterd" Til Schweiger In "Muppets…Again!"

Via actress, Fleur Poad, and her Twitter postings today, Brendon Connelly of has a great scoop on "Inglourious Basterd" Til Schweiger being in "The Muppets… Again!" 

Here is the story:

The Muppets… Again!" has been filming on the River Medway in Kent today (February 15th). I was hoping some good set snaps or video would surface, but alas, there’s been nothing so far.

No Muppets in sight, but "Muppets...Again!"
was filming today on the River Medway in Kent
However, an actress called Fleur Poad was on set today, and posted a few teasing details to her Twitter.
Here they are:
Fleur Poad @Fleur Poad
Had a fantastic day on the set of the #Muppets. Thank you so much to cast and crew for being so lovely. And Kermit rocks!
Fleur Poad @Fleur Poad
Omg I was allowed to TOUCH #Kermit :))
Fleur Poad @Fleur Poad
How curious- so Till Schweiger is on set too and just ordered food next to me... Well well all the Germans here

Fleur Poad @Fleur Poad
Please like my facebook page and follow me on twitter@fleurpoad . Tomorow off filming with Kermit at the Muppets shoot

Til Schweiger is perhaps best known in these quarters as Hugo Stiglitz, Inglourious Basterd. Hopefully, nobody reading this has any idea that he also played Heinz Hummer, “The Gigolo With The Most Below.” For your own sakes.
I’m guessing from the density of German talent
(Well, two Germans. Or one German and a half German)
that Kent was standing in for Deutschland today.
Schewiger actually mentioned his role in the film to Rundschau recently, saying that he’s taking a year off, except for special cases. And a scene with Kermit, of course, is a very special case.
Christoph Waltz also has a scene in the film – a dance scene, apparently, and he’ll end up “covered in dust.” That’s two alumni of Basterds… so far.


  1. If you checked all the photos, there WERE Muppets in sight!!! Kermit can clearly be seen in one of the last ones, even if he's rather small!

    Check again!!!