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Friday, February 08, 2013

Play 'Muppet' songs on 'TapTap Muppets' Game

Gamers Guide By Nathan Snow 


“TapTap Muppets”

Combining the intensity and skill of “Guitar Hero” with classic (and new) Muppets songs, this game provides hours of noisy enjoyment with actual challenges. Available for smartphones and tablets.

The Game

Browsing lesser-known, games one often finds something worth playing among the many, many lackluster offerings. In this case, my lifelong devotion to all things “The Muppets” led me to “TapTap Muppets.” This game is based off of the well-known “Guitar Hero” format, in which a song plays and the player must furiously tap the buttons that correspond to the notes.

The game offers around a dozen songs (two to start with, the rest must be downloaded) to play through, primarily from the most recent movie. This is purely a skill game, as there is no story to speak of. Thus, progressing through the songs is more an issue of challenging yourself rather than unlocking new tracks. However, each one of the songs comes with four difficulty levels, allowing you to work gradually up to the extreme difficulty level, which nets you the highest score.

There is, of course, an added social component to the game, so you can compare your scores with “The Muppets” enthusiasts if you are feeling in a more competitive mood. However, once you do complete all the levels, there is little else to do, hurting the game’s replay value.

The Look

The gameplay and the experience are by far the most notable aspects of the game, with the visuals taking a distant second seat. That being said, the game interface is not clunky or awkward by any means, but rather is just nothing special. As you play, a tiny animated animal plays along with you, though he really just bobs back and forth randomly.

The Experience

While the game’s concept is not necessarily original and the visuals aren’t anything spectacular, “TapTap Muppets” still manages to create a genuinely enjoyable playing experience. Say you choose to play through “The Muppets” theme song (by “OK Go”) and start on easy because you are new to the game, after all. With even relatively quick fingers, you beat the level easy and actually rack up a decent score, all the while smiling because the song is pretty catchy.

As you bump up the difficulty, however, your brow starts to furrow ever so slightly and your fingers move faster. The game is still fun because the song hasn’t changed, just the difficulty. Eventually, you reach the extreme setting, in which your eyes never leave the screen, your fingers fly and should you actually succeed in successfully completing a difficult part of the song, you cant help but yell and start to sing along.

The Content

Nothing questionable here; the songs are mainly modern remakes of classic Muppets numbers and do not contain any overtly suspect lyrics.

Download for FREE from the App Store! 


Join Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Animal and the rest of the gang for the most sensational, inspirational, and celebrational TAP TAP music game ever!

TAP TAP MUPPETS features six full tracks — three of the most memorable songs from the tribute compilation, The Green Album, and three songs from soundtrack to the movie event of the holidays, The Muppets!

Songs include:

1. The Muppet Show Theme -- OK Go
2. Movin' Right Along -- Alkaline Trio
3. Night Life -- Brandon Saller and Billy Martin (Good Charlotte)
4. Life's A Happy Song -- Jason Segel, Amy Adams and Walter
5. Let's Talk About Me -- Chris Cooper
6. Me Party -- Amy Adams and Miss Piggy
Play the music with all four levels of difficulty then share with (and challenge) friends!

Connect to The Muppets social network with Statler & Waldorf heckling from the balcony and join The Muppets FAN-A-THON — help them get to a bazillion likes!

TAP TAP MUPPETS is also jam-packed with video, character profiles, movie info, and more! So get ready for this Muppetational version of the world's #1 music game series and...Mahna-Mahna...!

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