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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Muppeteer Postcard Project by Arianne Gallagher

Calling ALL Muppet Fans!

Here is a great chance to have your postcard hand delivered right to one of your favourite Muppeteers while on set of  "Muppets...Again!".

Arianne Gallagher was given an invitation to visit the set of "Muppets...Again" in London next month! She is now organizing, with the help from ToughPigs and The Muppet Mindset, something all Muppet Fans can and should take part in. 

Arianne would like to bring over postcards from Muppet fans across the country, and across the World, made out to different Muppet performers thanking them for all that they do. Letting them know how much pleasure and joy they bring into our lives each and every day! 

Postcards must reach Arianne no later than March 18, 2013.

to read The Muppet Mindset's article with all the details on how to take part.

to read the ToughPigs article with all the details on how to take part.


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