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Friday, March 22, 2013

Update on Jane Henson and the Henson Family from Heather Henson

Today, Heather Henson posted on her Facebook page some updates, thoughts and a little on what has been going on lately with her, Jane and the Henson Family.

MuppetsHenson continues to wish her and the Henson Family well. Jane Henson is still in all our thoughts and prayers.

Here is Heather's posting:

Hello FaceBook Universe,

 On this Vernal Equinox I am trying to find a balance between the public internet out there space and my teeny tiny closed personal space. I banned you (FB) for a while as way too many of you were wishing me prayers and well wishes on my closed personal life. Ever since word was out on my mom's failing health I have received many kind emails, wall posts & texts. It's been nice seeing the huge response of concern for my mother's well being. We even set up an email account for my mom (who wont touch a computer), so we could read to her the messages of love from all of you. But I have gotten a little overwhelmed by it all, and haven't been able to read through all of the notes. I have not responded to most of you and I still haven't read my wall posts. For me it is a deeply quite time to reflect and assist. It's not easy to know how to respond to these thoughtful messages. I have a less then microscopic personal life and a more then mammoth net of people who have been effected by my mom (and my father's) life. There are many families that my mom's nurturing has been a part of: The Puppet Community (local, national, international), The Muppet Fan community, The Jim Henson company of associates community, The Jim Henson Legacy event audience,The JH Foundation puppet artists, The PaTCH series artists, The O'Neill Community, her actual blood family (immediate and extended), the universities she has been associated with, her Catholic Church families, her art & other communities of friends, and the many other associations that I am sure I am forgetting. It is interesting to see that people from actual personal connections to never met connections, but who have been personally touched by the work she has been a part of creating on this planet, are both taking the time to reflect on her life & times. I just want to say thank you for the notes of concern and sympathy. These are not easy times, but there is beauty in it. It is through her that she opened the gateway to my life, and I am cobbling together what I didn't know i knew to assist the passage back for her. I am grateful for my family & siblings, as I am only able to take the brain space to compose this FB entry as Cheryl is relieving me for a couple of days, so I can try to return to what I hope is my craft. For people that are asking how she is doing, please know, she is managing well in light of all things. Her will is strong, her heart is loving, and she retains a good sense of humor. I am grateful that she is fully conscious, alert & aware. The Spring Equinox is a special time of year for me, and Easter is my mother's favorite holiday (for both the religious aspects and the wonderful baskets, bows & flowers that it brings with it). I don't know who put this video together but I wanted to post something about the equinox, and it's planetary call for balance in the world, and my need for balance with my time with the dying and my time with communicating with the living (is FB the living?). Thank You to all who are concerned about my mother's passage. I am happy to see the beautiful crocuses popping their heads out of the soil, something my mom always loves to see on the hill tops near where she lives. Happy spring equinox everybody.

Heather Henson


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