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Monday, April 22, 2013

MuppetsHenson Poll Final Results For The Week of Monday April 15th - Sunday April 21st

Looks like all who voted on this week's MuppetsHenson Poll were most excited about Sunday's Fraggle Rock-A-Thon that aired on The Hub. 28% of you voted for this. A close second at 20%, was for next Spring 2014 Insight Editions Coffee Table Book based upon "Fraggle Rock".

Thanks to all who voted. Please vote on this week's Poll now!

Here are the Final Results:

April 22nd marks the start of Fraggle Rock's 30th Anniversary Celebrations. Of the ones announced so far, which aspect(s) are you most excited about?
The Hub's Fraggle Rock-A-Thon 28% (33)
Fraggle Rock's 30th Anniversary DVD Collection 16% (18)
Heydey Footwear's Super Shift Gobo Footwear 3% (4)
Threadless Adult & Children's Tees 11% (13)
Cupcake Digital's Animated Story Apps/Genera's New App 1% (1)
Deckdaq Facebook Collector Card Packs 2% (2)
ICUP's Glassware and Mugs 5% (6)
Insight Editions Coffee Table Book For Spring 2014 20% (23)
Walls 360 Wall Art 5% (6)
Truffle Shuffle Adult Fraggle Rock Tees From UK 9% (10)

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