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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Sesame Street's Ryan Dillon Performs Elmo at the White House Easter Egg Roll

TMZ was at the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday April 1, 2013, where Sesame Street's Ryan Dillon performed Elmo for the first time in public.

Kevin Clash, who performed Elmo from 1985 - 2012 resigned back in November 2012 due to an ongoing scandal that still troubles him to this day.

to see Ryan's Elmo interact with some children and parents. The voice work and mannerisms here are really spot on! The TMZ cameraman asked, "Hey Elmo, being the new voice of Elmo is a lot of pressure?" to which Elmo smartly replied "Elmo doesn't know what your talking, Elmo is just here having fun". Nice response.

Ryan has been with Sesame Street since 2005. 
But don't get too attached to Ryan's Elmo yet ... a rep for Sesame Workshop tells TMZ that the puppeteer is just a temp ... because "no decision has been made for a permanent replacement as of yet."

Hmmm... stay tuned

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