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Friday, August 16, 2013

The Jim Henson Company's "That Puppet Game Show" Set To Go Global

The new BBC Saturday night series has only been on air a week. But already bosses have been swamped with offers from foreign TV channels wanting to snap it up.

The show - dubbed The Muppets for the 21st Century - has a very simple format. It has celebrity guests competing against one another in wacky games mixed with backstage comedy sketches featuring the puppets made by Jim Henson's Workshop, which created The Muppets.

TV chiefs in Scandinavia and Asia want to buy the show and make their own versions. Executive producer Derek McLean said the Beeb show had all the ingredients "to do something international" ”They can easily overdub the puppet voices in their own languages and only need to film their native celebrities chatting to puppet host Dougie Colon and playing the games. Executive producer Derek McLean said the Beeb show had all the ingredients "to do something international".

On tomorrow's show, Match Of The Day host Gary Lineker, 52, is pitted against ex-cricketer Freddie Flintoff, 35.The pair battle it out in a musical memory game hosted by puppet Eddie Watts. They have to watch singing hot dog puppets perform A-ha's 1980s smash Take On Me and remember which sausage sings which line. However, Eddie teases big-eared Lineker: "You need to listen carefully, Gary... using your ears."And when he flops, Eddie pokes fun at the star's Walkers Crisps ads by telling him: "If the hot dogs were singing crisps you would have paid more attention.

"That Puppet Game Show is on BBC1 tomorrow at 6.35pm.

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