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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Puppet Up Toronto Tour Diary – Day 7 – Two Shows In One by Grant Baciocco

October 27, 2013

Those morning I was up late because, again, I couldn’t sleep. Just not really adjusting the time change. I rousted Brian at about noon and told him to meet me in the lobby to go to lunch at 1PM.

Today we had two shows, a 4PM matinee and an 8PM show which meant we had to be at the theatre by 3PM. Brian and I struck out at 1PM for a place called The Stockyards. It came up in a search for barbecue joints and was highly rated. We took a cab there because the place 3.5 Miles away (I know, I know I’m in Canada, I should figure out the kilometers). Not un walkable but in two hours….yeah, so cab it it was.


The place was really great although it’s not really a true barbecue joint. It’s more of a Southern American place and they have barbecue dishes. That being said, the food was fantastic and we knew we hit on someplace special because the place was packed full.


The food was fantastic. I ordered a Pulled Pork Sammy & Fries. Brian got himself chicken and waffles. We both enjoyed it very much. Around 2PM we needed to head back and getting a cab BACK was a little tricker than getting the cab there. We walked several blocks in the cold (yeah, yeah, California boys) until we were finally able to get a cab back. Soon it was off to the theatre for our first of two shows.

The matinee crowd was absolutely great. Any thoughts we had about them being more subdued in their suggestions went right out the window after the first couple rounds of audience input. They were dirty and wanted to see dirty stuff. For example, the suggestion for the alien barbershop...sharting. (IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS, DO NOT GOOGLE IT!!!)

Here's my rhyme:

I had some gas,
At the high school dance.
I tried to be discreet
But I filled my pants.

Got a pretty good reaction, though I cracked during the last line which I think weakened the punch a bit. Sometimes when I'm doing this damn show I'm having so much fun I just have to laugh.

The second show was amazing too. Really great, fun crowd. The couple that was brought up for the date scene was just one in a million. I can't even do it justice here but they were married and when asked how they met, the guy said he was her teacher! The audience roared and the couple was SO good natured about the whole thing. Just a ton of fun.

The suggestion for alien barbershop was Oral Sex. My rhyme:

I'll go down on yours,
You go down on mine.
Everyone has fun
When it's sixty nine.

Great laugh from the crowd. Two great shows in one day. What more fun could there be?

Another cool thing today was a woman came up after the matinee show and told me that she was a huge Dr. Floyd fan and that she had no idea I was even in the show until she saw my bio card. Truly cool.

I wanted to wrap this post up by sending out a huge thanks to our production manager Greg. He's just the most on the ball guy around. He makes sure the ship of Puppet Up sails smoothly and I'm endlessly grateful for everything he does. He gets no applause directly, but really all the applause is because of him. From camera to lights to the delay system we use, Greg is THE guy who makes it all work. We'd be nowhere without him!

Well, it's off to try and sleep now. One show tomorrow and then a day off on Monday where the plan is to head to Niagara Falls!

by Grant Baciocco
(Not Officially Endorsed by Puppet Up or The Jim Henson Company)

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