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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Revamped Feature Added to MuppetsHenson - 'MH Archives (by Day)'

Today, we have improved upon a feature here at MuppetsHenson to help you find our daily articles much easier. It used to be called 'MuppetsHenson Archive' but now it is being called the
'MH Archives (by Day)' 

It will ALWAYS be below the DATE and TIME icon on the LEFT SIDE COLUMN. You can now click on a date and see all the articles posted on that particular day. For those who do not visit as frequently as others, this should save a lot of time scrolling the Home Page of MuppetsHenson. You have asked for this updated feature, so I have accommodated. Hope this helps a lot of you to make your time here with us a good one! Thanks again for a great 1st year!

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