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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Miss Piggy Writes for The Wall Street Journal on LOVE

Miss Piggy was asked by The Wall Street Journal to become their latest celebrity columnist on the subject of Love.

Here is the article:

WSJ. Magazine February 2014: The Columnists WSJ. asks six luminaries, including Miss Piggy and Ali MacGraw, to weigh in on a single topic. This month: Love

Miss Piggy "Love is when you give yourself totally to another person (or, in moi's case, a frog) and they return the favor—and throw in some expensive jewelry. That said, the very first time I fell in love was when I got my first mirror. I knew that the face looking back at me was one that would woo the world and, with a little Botox, never change. But it's Kermie who truly completes moi. As the saying goes: He had me at 'Hi ho!' Why do I find him so attractive? Look at those spindly arms and legs, that silly little smile, those googly eyes! How could you not fall in love with him? I once went all the way to the Great Swamp in New Jersey to track down Kermit. Wooing is a part of love. I love to woo. I love to be wooed! And sometimes I just like to say the word 'Woo!' My tricks and tips for seduction are easy: I simply hold Kermie tenderly in my arms—and don't let go." —Miss Piggy appears in Muppets Most Wanted, opening in March.

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