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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Down At "Fraggle Rock"... In Yorkville — The Muppets Take Toronto

Uncle Travelling Matt visits the CN Tower in Toronto
Most of us from Toronto know that although Yorkville is now fancy and bursting with boutiques, it was once edgy and bursting with artistic types (Neil Young…Joni Mitchell…).

What some people might not know, though, is that some of those artistic types were small, colourful, and covered in felt. That’s right: Jim Henson and his puppet friends spent a great deal of time there—the Toronto Dreams Project describes the chapter in Yorkville’s history that was all about "Fraggle Rock".

CLICK HERE to read this wonderful article. Lots of good inside info never heard before. Lots of cool links from the performers, and crew. Enjoy "Fraggle Rock" fans!

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