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Saturday, February 15, 2014

MuppetsHenson Poll Final Results - Muppets Toyota Commercial & Campaign

What do you think of the Muppet's Toyota "No Room For Boring" Song?
EXCELLENT - Will Become a Muppet Classic 63% (35)
VERY GOOD 29% (16)
FAIR 7% (4)
POOR 2% (1)
The Muppet's NEW Toyota Super Bowl Commercial has been released. How would you rate it? Was it all you were hoping for or were you disappointed?
EXCELLENT - I Loved It - Will Have Multiple Viewings 69% (48)
VERY GOOD - It Was Enjoyable 20% (14)
FAIR - Had Some Good & Bad Parts 10% (7)
POOR - Disappointed In The Whole Thing 1% (1)

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