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Friday, February 14, 2014

UPDATED: Worldwide "Muppets Most Wanted" Release Dates

Chile20 March 2014
Hong Kong20 March 2014
USA21 March 2014
Brazil27 March 2014
Greece27 March 2014
Cambodia27 March 2014
UK28 March 2014
Ireland28 March 2014
Denmark31 March 2014
New Zealand10 April 2014
Sweden11 April 2014
Australia24 April 2014
Singapore24 April 2014
Argentina1 May 2014
Germany1 May 2014
France7 May 2014
Netherlands8 May 2014
Japan26 July 2014
Austria2 August 2014
Cook Islands31 December 2014
Myanmar31 December 2014
Mongolia31 December 2014
Bahamas1 January 2015
Zimbabwe19 February 2015

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