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Friday, October 10, 2014

MuppetsHenson Poll FINAL Results - Elmo and "Jim Henson's Creature Challenge"

As the 45th Season of "Sesame Street" begins and the NEW BBC series, "The Furchester Hotel" premieres, what do you now think of Ryan Dillon's Elmo? Does his performance/voice work match what Kevin Clash did with the character? Do you notice any differences? Let us know your thoughts!
I am AMAZED and SHOCKED at how good Ryan Dillon's Elmo is. Well done Ryan ! 40% (8)
Ryan's Elmo is VERY GOOD, I DO notice a difference BUT I am fine with it 45% (9)
Ryan's Elmo is GOOD, BUT the difference is quite noticeable 10% (2)
Unfortunately, Ryan's Elmo can not compare to Kevin's Elmo 0% (0)
Will NOT watch anything with Elmo unless he is performed by Kevin Clash 5% (1)

It has been reported that Syfy has not ordered a second season of "Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge". What do you think of this decision?
VERY DISAPPOINTED, Syfy made the wrong decision 83% (24)
DISAPPOINTED, but I am not surprised with Syfy's decision 14% (4)
I AGREE with Syfy's decision 3% (1)
Did NOT watch the first season, would not have watched second season 0% (0)

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