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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Ryan Well's Chamberlain Cosplay - AMAZING !

I remember as a little boy watching The Dark Crystal and being absolutely terrified until I watched the 'behind the scenes'. Guys inside these monsters (costumes) with tiny TVs controlling them. It was at that moment I feel in love with the movies, not for the worlds that it can transport me to but for the worlds I can transport into life through special effects, props, costumes ad sets. 

Halloween became a natural progression from that, making my own costumes and never settling for store bought costumes that all the other kids would be wearing. I wanted my own, I wanted to make it, I wanted to stand out.

It wasn't until a bit over a year ago that I stumbled across the comic con scene. I had never been interested in comic books, video games, anime or anything in the geek culture except for the pop culture references from film, so I never thought to attend one. By chance I went, I discovered that I could have Halloween more then once a year... this would be my end all!

Chamberlain was an obvious choice when it came to picking cosplay/costumes to do. After all it was his fault I was in this mess indirectly. With no schooling I watched and researched videos and pictures from the original, got lost on YouTube learning how to work with materials I had never used before and 2 months later I had a Skeksis in my living room.

The reactions have been amazing! He has not only impacted my life in such a profound way, but I've discovered how many others this guy truly terrified as children who have grown to love him and are so happy to see him walking around and get to take their picture with him.

Ryan Wells

Photography by Jeff Hinds Photography

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