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Sunday, March 08, 2015

The 2015 Muppet Madness Tournament' "Mad Dash" Winners

The 2015 Muppet Madness Tournament's 'Mad Dash' pre-Round 1 has ended. Here are the 'Winners' in each of the categories. The next round begins shortly! 

The Mad Dash: Movie Humans
Pete (Muppets Take Manhattan) (14%, 630 Votes)

The Mad Dash: Monsters
Two-Headed Monster (19%, 810 Votes)

Mad Dash: Elders
The World's Oldest Fraggle (19%, 864 Votes)

The Mad Dash: Youngsters
Robin the Frog (22%, 989 Votes)

The Mad Dash: Small Muppets
Rizzo the Rat (19%, 835 Votes)

The Mad Dash: Large Muppets
Barkley the Dog (16%, 672 Votes)

The Mad Dash: Good Guys
The Great Gonzo (16%, 745 Votes)

The Mad Dash: Bad Guys
Constantine, the World's Greatest Criminal (18%, 806 Votes)

CLICK HERE to visit The 2015 Muppet Madness Tournament website to see the FULL results.

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