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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

ABC's "The Muppets" Plan to Take A Break at Mid-Season

Today, during ABC's 2015-16 Upfronts, ABC's Paul Lee talked about all the timeslots that will be shared next season, as one show fills the 'gap' while another takes a break at mid-season. 

Among the many ABC series involved in this will be "The Muppets". At mid-season "The Real O'Neils" arrives on Tuesdays when "The Muppets" take a break (albeit arriving at 8:30pm, while "Fresh Off the Boat" will briefly slide up to 8:00pm in the "Muppets" timeslot).

As Lee noted on the press conference call, "The first time I did this, I don't think we quite got right what we would do in the break." Now, though, "We felt the old model of original-original-repeat-repeat-repeat-original just didn't reflect the way we were watching television," he explained. 

"We all love to watch a run, particularly our serialized shows. And we are trained now to take a break... So that notion of taking a full season, running it, then resting it, then bringing it back, allows us to end a series with real momentum." 

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