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Monday, June 29, 2015

VIDEO: A Visit to the Jim Henson Studios with Mr. Miyamoto

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The Jim Henson Company‘s involvement within E3 2015’s Nintendo Digital Event easily became a highlight for everyone that tuned in. 

Shigeru Miyamoto recently visited their Burbank-based studio, sitting down for a short interview with Brian Henson where he expressed his long-held admiration for the company and how he had once wanted to create puppets when he was younger. 

“We were so excited when Nintendo first contacted us to make the puppets of you, Mr. Iwata and Reggie,” Henson explains. “And we built those three here in Burbank, and then we built the other three puppets in New York at our workshop there. It was such a pleasure when you all asked me to direct it, I loved doing that the most.” He continued, “We shot the video right here in the studio, and I think it’s a wonderful piece because it does what we do with puppets in the best way but the idea all came from Nintendo. 

It was all a Nintendo idea, but then executed in the way that Henson does it.” Miyamoto went on to discuss the Jim Henson ‘Celebration Honor’ award that he received in 2008, and how incredibly honoured he was to accept it. But, the best parts are later on when Miyamoto tries to replicate Charlie Chaplin’s walk, and is joined by Henson, Takashi Tezuka and Bill Trinen to have fun with some puppet acting. Enjoy!  


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