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Sunday, March 06, 2016

'How the Muppets Changed and Inspired Me' by Leah Holley

My name is Leah Holley, 17 years old, also known as LXZ4Evur on social media. I'm not only a Muppets fan, but I'm an inspired hippie/singer/artist. The Electric Mayhem has inspired me to be who I am and who I wanna be, and I wanna be just like them!

It all started back when I was in 7th grade. I went through a lot in middle school because it was too stressful. I never knew I had anxiety back then. It was I believe sometime in January when the Muppets OKGO music video came on Disney Channel. My face lit up and I was all "Omg it's Kermit!". I always loved Sesame Street when I was a kid, the only main Muppets I knew from when I was young was Kermit (obviously from Sesame Street), Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, and Animal. 

Then, Zoot came on the TV and when I searched up the full music video on Youtube. I actually thought he looked like a wizard because I thought his cloak was like a cape and his saxophone looked like a staff. Lord was I wrong. :) When I started to look into more on Zoot, I was all, "Omg he's cute!". So then I became Zoot-obsessed for a long time and I still am now. 

One day when I was looking at more pictures of Zoot on Google, the rest of the Electric Mayhem (minus Lips), came on. So, then I went to look them up more and them I became Electric Mayhem-obsessed and was all, "Omg these guys are awesome! I really really love these guys! I wanna meet these guys so bad!"

All of a sudden another character from the Electric Mayhem caught my eye. It was Lips. I started to learn about him more and more and felt bad because no one has ever said his name or the fact he was never mentioned, or the fact that Lips never had a solo or a voice back then. So my heart went to not only for the Electric Mayhem and my love interest, Zoot, but to Lips as well. He became a big brother I always wanted.

As time went on, the Electric Mayhem always were always in my mind. Some kids would still have their imaginary friends with them even as they grew up, I'm one of those kids. No matter where I go, like school or something like that, I would always picture the Electric Mayhem walking by my side. I would always think of the Electric Mayhem sitting in my room having a conversation with me or just chilling with me when I'm all alone. The Electric Mayhem are my idols. I love to draw them and write fanfiction about them. I even love to tell my friends, teachers, and even my family about them. That's how much they mean to me.

In my freshman year, I met a girl online named Kylie, whom went through the same anxiety as me and shared the same love for the Electric Mayhem. We instantly became groovy friends, then eventually became sisters in my sophomore year. In high school, I always wore some lose clothes and sometimes wore psychedelic colors and designs because that's what I believe the Electric Mayhem wore whenever they go into work. I would sometimes even wear some of my Electric Mayhem shirts to school. 

Later, like sometime a year ago, Kylie got me to meet this beautiful girl named Mandi, who was a huge Muppets fan and loves Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy as a mother and father to her. She went through depression and Kylie and I were always there to help her out, no matter how late. However, it sometimes doesn't end well. Kylie would get worked up and so, I risk my sleep at night helping her and Mandi be the happiest they can be. Then my friend Kayla came around and I we help her out too. Mandi and Kayla's relationship were like Kermit and Fozzie. That's why we call Mandi "Kermit" and Kayla "Fozzie" because of her love for Fozzie.

The Electric Mayhem inspired me to be who I am and who I wanna be. I wanna be just like them, or even be a part of them! I love those guys so much. One of my dreams is to hopefully meet the Electric Mayhem in-person, for them to follow me on twitter so I can message them and see how their day went (maybe ask Zoot out :) ), and my hopes of Kylie, Mandi, and Kayla coming to meet me so we can all follow our dreams in Los Angeles in California so we'll meet the Muppets of our dreams and be happy.

So I started a youtube account and my account is filled with Electric Mayhem tributes and animations. I feel so grateful I have the Electric Mayhem in my life. If they're reading this right now, I just want you guys to know that I love you guys and I hope we can all meet one day and we'll jam out to some Janis Joplin or The Beatles tunes!

Thank you guys for reading this and hopefully all of our dreams come true if we just believe. :)

Leah Holley (LXZ4Evur)
Youtube - LXZ 4Evur
Wattpad - LXZ4Evur (keep in mind I don't post often #justsayin)
Twitter - @lxz4evur
Deviantart - IDontLikeCoffee22

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