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Friday, March 04, 2016

'How The Muppets Saved My Life' by Mandi Padilla

Hi-ho! My name is Mandi Padilla. I'm 15 years old and this is my story on how the Muppets saved my life.

I've grown up loving the Muppets. From Sesame Street to Fraggle Rock to even The Muppet Show. They inspired me at such a young age. Sesame Street inspired me to be friendly and have manners to everyone in your neighborhood. Fraggle Rock inspired me to be kind to others so others can treat you the same. The Muppets inspired me that life's like a movie.

My life has been a bumpy road. From my parents getting divorced to me getting bullied. And yes I've been bullied for nearly 10 years of my life.

It all started back in 5th grade. I was being that friendly girl that I've always had been but these two girls come to me and beat me up, literally everyday. They spread rumors about me all over the school, and that's scary for young children. I remember once these girls told me to kill myself and that no one will care. But they said it so many times to the point where I actually agreed to it. I remember going home and grabbing a kitchen knife and running to my room. I placed the knife to my chest and with a coincidence, The Muppet Movie was on. And it was on the last part of the movie. I remember having that knife on my chest and then I hear Kermit saying, "life's like a movie. Write your own ending." And I sit there and I think to myself. "Life's like a movie. I'll be viewing all these crazy things in life. I'll be seeing drama and horror and comedy. It's life but if i end my life early, how will the movie end? Plus, I don't want to write my ending in a bad way. I want it to be good. To live happily ever after." So I set the knife down and continued living life.

I loved Kermit the Frog but ever since he saved my life, he's been meaning more to me. He's my hero and my idol. I love him so much and my biggest dream in life is not only to meet him but also to make millions of people happy just like him.

I've been going through depression since Freshman year of high school. I remember getting threatened by an anonymous text message and it literally brought me down to the deep hole. I thought I couldn't get out of it. But then I make an Instagram account called Muppetsfanpageofficial and it literally changed my life just by one year. I met so many amazing people but also knowing that I'm the most followed Muppet fanpage on Instagram really makes me even happy. But I don't see the 2100 people as followers, I see them as people that I inspire and everyday, I get messages from people saying, thanks for showing us the Muppets and making us happy. And that makes me so happy!

So back in August, I thought my depression was gone and it was fading away but on August 4th, 2015, I was shook. Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy broke up. Now you may think, "did this breakup really cause her to be depressed again?" Well the answer is yes. Why? Because my real parents were just treating me like junk and they divorced too. I've always seen Kermit and Piggy as my mom and dad. I've never met them but their a mother and father figure to me. So seeing them breaking up, killed me. I thought my life was crushed. But they're trying and that makes me realize that love does exist.

Now that's my story. Hopefully some of you guys learn from it and hopefully I inspired some of you. And remember. Life's like a movie.

Mandi Padilla
Twitter @kermitsmydaddy 
Instagram @mandipadilla  
Muppets Fanpage on Instagram @muppetsfanpageofficial

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