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Thursday, May 12, 2016

MuppetsHenson Poll FINAL Results - Favourite Episode of "The Muppets" Season One

The first season of ABC's "The Muppets" consisted of 16 episodes. Which one was your favourite?
Pig Girls Don't Cry (Pilot) 3%(4)
Hostile Makeover 2% (3)
Bear Left Then Bear Write 4% (5)
Pig Out 3% (4)
Walk the Swine 1% (1)
The Ex-Factor 2% (3)
Pig's in a Blackout 10% (12)
Too Hot to Handler 1% (1)
Going, Going, Gonzo 17% (21)
Single All the Way 7% (8)
Swine Song 2% (3)
A Tail of Two Piggies 5% (6)
Got Silk? 2% (3)
Little Green Lie 8% (10)
Generally Inhospitable 19% (23)
Because...Love 13% (16)
Total votes: 123

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