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Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Jim Henson Company Developing Movie Based on Terry Pratchett’s ‘Wee Free Men’

From Variety

Jim Henson Company is developing a movie based on Terry Pratchett’s fantasy novel “The Wee Free Men.”
The film adaption will be written by his daughter Rhianna Pratchett, best known for writing videogames such as the reboot of “Tomb Raider,” “Heavenly Sword” and “Overlord.” She is co-director of independent production company Narrativia.

“The Wee Free Men” is the first in a series of novels starring the young witch Tiffany Aching. Armed with only a frying pan and her common sense, Aching must defend her home against the monsters of Fairyland with the help of the local Nac Mac Feegles — aka the Wee Free Men— who are a clan of fierce, sheep-stealing, sword-wielding, six-inch-high blue men.

Brian Henson, CEO of The Jim Henson Company will serve as producer. Rhianna Pratchett, Rob Wilkins and Rod Brown of Narrativia and Vince Raisa of The Jim Henson Company, will serve as executive producers.

The movie will is a co-production with Narrativia.

“I’ve loved the Jim Henson Company’s work all my life, so it’s a great honor to team up with them and bring Wee Free Men to the big screen,” Pratchett said.

“As a family owned company, we fully understand the importance of legacy properties,” Henson said.

Terry Pratchett died last year.

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