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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Muppet Christmas Carol: Rare Photos

Here are a four rarely seen photos
from 'behind the scenes' of
The Muppet Christmas Carol 

 Michael Caine alongside Miss Piggy and Kermit The Frog 

A voice recording session for Michael Caine and co-star Meredith Braun,
whose character Belle – Scrooge’s young love – was considerably cut from
certain versions of the film when her song “When Love Is Gone” was cut by Disney
for being too adult for young audiences. Director Brian Henson objected to
that editing decision (which led to an uncomfortable cut in the film itself - having it
cut to Scrooge bursting into tears with no explanation why ) and the song
was restored to the VHS and laserdisc editions, though it was cut from the
10th Anniversary Edition DVD and the recent Blu-ray combo pack.
Mike Quinn, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire and
Jerry Nelson performing pig businessmen
 A few tweaks to the Ghost of Christmas Past Muppet 

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