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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

‘Muppets Haunted Mansion’ Halloween Special Dropping This Fall on Disney Plus

The Muppets are ghosting Disney Plus, and it’s a good thing: Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Pepe the King Prawn and the rest of the puppet pals will star in their first-ever Halloween special “Muppets Haunted Mansion,” dropping this autumn exclusively on Disney Plus. The special promises to feature a star-studded Muppets cast, likely with appearances from Fozzie Bear, the Swedish Chef, Sam the Eagle, aged hecklers Statler and Waldorf and other beloved characters created by the legendary Jim Henson, as well as celebrity cameos and all-new music.

Per the logline, “Muppets Haunted Mansion” takes place on Halloween night, when Gonzo is challenged to spend one very daring night in the most grim-grinning place on earth: The Haunted Mansion.

The special was announced today with the help of two Muppets to celebrate the Disney Parks, Experiences and Products’ “Halfway to Halloween” event.


Saturday, March 13, 2021

VIDEO: The Masked Singer SNAIL: Audition Performance, Clues and Judges Guesses and BIG Reveal


#LetsCancelTheMuppets! by Nicholas Napoli

I’ve been thinking about this long and hard, and I’m now sure it’s officially time to cancel The Muppets, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to realize, they’re so inappropriate, such a bad influence for children. First there is Miss Piggy, always karate chopping Kermit, making me think that sort of violence was funny. I watched that endlessly as a child, how many people have I karate chopped in my entire life… only seven actually now that I think about it, I’d hardy say I was influenced by Miss Piggy in any way, otherwise that number would be much higher? Still cancel that pig, she’s so mean to everyone in general, she’s such a diva, cancel her, smoke that ham. The Swedish Chef, mocking Swedes for years, right in our faces and we accept it, shame on us for laughing and being entertained by that. Cancel The Swedish Chef or at least make him take lessons in proper Swedish, or for my convenience too in English. From now on I will only be referring to him as the mumbling chef, anyone who doesn’t do the same, shame on you. I’ve only ever been in a serious relationship with two Chickens in my entire life, Bernice and Pricilla, both relationships failed, I blame Gonzo for this. I was obsessed with Gonzo as a child, he has always been my favourite Muppet but because of him, I was led on a path of dating Chickens and I can assure you, interspecies romances do not work. I therefor call to cancel the not-so-great Gonzo, for making children all around the world believe it is okay to grow up and marry a chicken. Speaking of interspecies dating, Kermit and Miss Piggy, they should stay separated, I consider that to be more politically correct, a Frog and a Pig in love? I can’t believe I was rooting for them to be married for so many years, I’m glad I opened my eyes and realized sooner rather than later, I’d hate to find myself divorced from a Pig because The Muppets influence me on that path as a child. 

Every time I watched Crazy Harry on The Muppet Show, I would take out my explosives and I’d go crazy at my local theatre, what a great character, I wish he were used more, boom, bang, I miss the classics. Every time I get halfway down the stairs, I have to stop and cry, what an emotionally beautiful song, but it has scarred me my entire life every time I walk down or even up the stairs. For that I say we cancel Kermit’s cute 5-year-old nephew Robin, he never should have sung that song and touched my heart as a child. Janice is too sexy, that was a cheap gimmick to use to catch the attention of men back in The Muppet Show days, she should have been cancelled then, she should be cancelled now. Woman, Food, Drums, Animal needed to be have been cancelled yesterday, he is so offensive to musicians, especially males, what does he think we are, simple three note dimensional characters? Don’t even get me started on Lew Zealand, he throws away his fish and yet they keep coming back to him, now that is worthy of cancelation. What a harmful phycological message to put out there, go back to your abusers, even if they reject you, I’m sure one of his fish must be named Reylo. Mahna-Mahna, I’m pretty positive those two Snowths are his slaves and probably Doo-Do-Doo-Do anything he asks from them, probably best he gets cancelled and both Snowths set free. Rizzo the Rat, inspired millions of Rats to think they could break into show business, Hollywood is now full of untalented Rats trying to make a living, cancel Rizzo the Rat and all his Rat family and friends. Sam the Eagle, I know he has always been very politically correct, an outstanding fellow, but I’m worried he might cancel me at some point, so yes cancel Sam the Eagle before he cancels me. In fact, cancel all those lovable, adorable, funny, innocent, puppet characters…. wait puppet characters? I feel so foolish now, please ignore everything I said. 

The Muppets, I grew up with them, I was obsessed with them all throughout childhood, meaning 90% of my youth was spent watching Muppets and then there was 10% of everything else. If you wanted to conduct a scientific experiment, and raise a child, whose mostly sole influence from entertainment came from The Muppets, that’s me, and I turned out just… well I’m still here, I’m still functioning, let’s just leave it at that. In fact, I would go as far as saying The Muppets were a positive influence in my upbringing. The Muppets, Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street, that was Jim Henson influencing are young minds, Jim Henson’s a genius, nothing he created, ever deserves to be cancelled. Sadly, today it’s not about The Muppets being cancelled, censored or labelled as offensive, it’s the whole industry. It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights, it’s time to see who gets cancelled on The Muppet Show tonight. The Muppet Show recently got a content warning label added to some episodes on Disney+, I thought it was worded a little harshly, but I do understand or rather accept the reason why they placed it, they have to cover their mouse ears from cancel culture, as does everyone these days. If they didn’t add the warning, I am sure, at least one person, would have written an angry letter, how can Disney associate themselves to that type of content they would write in anger. Yet as fans we want the content, if it takes a warning label to keep them safe from cancel culture whilst giving fans the complete The Muppet Show series, I’m okay with it but it still doesn’t mean it’s ridiculous and honestly unnecessary to have.  

There seems to be a growing trend with people trying to cancel each other out of existence, from where I stand, I see no logic in most of the reasonings behind many of these cancellations. Granted in some I do, cancel culture is a complicated subject, a Muppet trying to mind control kids into jumping into the ocean, cancel that Muppet immediately. Pepe the King Prawn, not the skunk, flirting with a celebrity guest, hilarious, please don’t cancel that, actually I want to see more of that, more Pepe (the King Prawn) please. This is a Muppet and Henson Website; let the Looney Tunes defend themselves on their own website. I do understand that certain things back in the day were very offensive, there are people who should not be celebrated, it’s tricky, but when cancel culture becomes nit-picky, it takes away from the seriousness of its use and impact. Cancel Culture in my opinion is going too far these days, if a bad person is doing something in entertainment, more than shouting “cancel!”, people should just not support using their wallets, don’t give money, don’t enjoy it. I stand behind this on many topics, however I would never try to cancel something if people enjoy it and it has an audience. I do agree many times with the reasonings why cancel culture is in action, yet sometimes I don’t think it’s a strong enough reason to actually cancel something, when everything is in danger of cancellation, it takes away its whole value. Let’s give it a rest, it’s time to cancel Cancel Culture, and focus on not repeating those past “mistakes” in our entertainment in the future. Let’s focus on what is deserving of cancellation and not on what is just plain childish, when it comes to trying to cancel Muppets, in my opinion that’s not progress, that’s silliness. Cancelling childhood characters, how childish, what’s next? We’re going to cancel Winnie the Pooh and Piglet too? My goodness who would ever try to cancel Winnie the Pooh? 

Long live The Muppets and a quick exit for cancel culture, appreciate The Muppets, be a Walter, not a Sam the Eagle. 

By the way if we do begin cancelling Muppets, please let’s not forget to cancel these offensive idiots...

For more articles by Nicholas Napoli, 
based more on life and philosophy rather 
than chickens and penguins, please visit his website: 

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

The Muppet Show+ by Nicholas Napoli

So I’ve never been interested until now, but can someone tell me how do I subscribe to Disney+ ? All five seasons of The Muppet Show arrive on February 19 th and I think this might be one of the best things to have happened to The Muppets in a very long time. We all know the drama with the Season 1-3 Boxsets, thirteen years we’ve waited, even Walter voiced his concerns over this but we never received Seasons 4 and 5. After so many years, my OCD for physical copies has disappeared and I’m fine with Seasons 4 and 5 making their way to Disney Plus, in fact I actually prefer it. As I write this, I realize, I do want my The Muppet Show Season 4 & 5 DVD Box Sets at some point. They could even do a Diamond Select on us and release all five seasons in one boxset and I’d buy it twice. The Muppet Show on DVD is not the point here, The Muppet Show on streaming is, and as much as the DVD’s would have excited me, streaming excites me even more for The Muppets and all the new fans they are about to reach.

First of all, let me congratulate Dinosaurs for not only trending on Disney Plus, but reaching so high up on the list, very well deserved. The Muppet Show I hope will join that list too very soon, it has a lot going for it. The world (or at least Disney Plus subscribers) are both going to be reintroduced and newly introduced to the talents of Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Dave Goelz, Jerry Nelson, Richard Hunt, Steve Whitmire, Jerry Juhl and the whole talented crew that got The Muppets started to where they are today. The Muppet Show doesn’t just reintroduce a newer generation to older looking designed Muppets, it introduces them to the talents of Jim Henson and all his collaborators who once helmed The Muppets. As much as I enjoy everything the Muppets have ever done, the movies, the shows, the specials, The Muppet Show is still what originally started it all and there is never anything like the original. For the first time, since it’s premier, The Muppet Show is going to reach a large audience, at the exact same time, with the advantage of binge watching, YAYYYY!!!!!!!


The newer generation, most of them have heard of The Muppet Show, they know that’s where Kermit hosted in front of the red curtains, the two old men heckled in the balcony box but have they ever watched an episode before? The Muppet Show has so much to offer, first there’s the nostalgic aspect of The Muppets, which people don’t even realize they crave, seeing as The Muppets (unlike other properties) have never taken a break. Being a nostalgic fan of The Muppets is very different to just being a Muppet Fan, and I think many people are going to be in for a very pleasant surprise. A causal Muppet viewer might be able to get their Muppet nostalgia fix on Disney Plus by watching either The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper, The Muppets Christmas Carol or Muppet Treasure Island but for the average fan and especially newer generations of Muppet viewers, this is something they didn’t know they needed until they are presented with it. It’s not just the characters, it’s the sketches too, Muppet Labs, Pigs in Space, Vets Hospital, Swedish Chef’s Kitchen, Muppet Newsflash, At The Dance, Planet Koozbane and all other sketches, Muppets at their best.

The Muppet Show doesn’t just have The Muppets nostalgic factor to rely on, it also has the legendary stars from the past, the nostalgia isn’t just with The Muppets, it’s with each and every celebrity too. This is going to be such a good move for everyone involved, I can’t wait for The Muppet Show to start trending. With The Mandalorian and Luke Skywalker being so popular at the moment, especially also on Disney Plus, I can’t wait for millions of people to sit down and watch the Mark Hammill episode for the first time. Julie Andrews, Harry Belafonte, Vincent Price, Lynda Carter, Big Bird, Alice Cooper, John Denver, Elton John, Paul Williams, John Cleese, Sylvester Stallone, Brooke Shields, Peter Sellers, Steve Martin as well as over 105 legendary celebrities from their time. The Muppet Show has a lot to offer for everyone, so many people with different tastes in entertainment, will be drawn to The Muppet Show. Best part was that growing up, I had no idea who any of these celebrities were, for the most part, other than seeing them on this show, I was never really familiar with most of the celebrities. However, this never took away from my enjoyment of the show, so although many faces might be unfamiliar to many younger viewers, it will not affect their entertainment of the show. For the older viewers, the celebrities will simply be an extra icing on top of their Muppet nostalgic cake. 

Apart from the older character designs, most of the guest stars from the distant past, the music, Uncle Deadly’s fashion sense, the show is not dated, it can still hold up with today’s audience. The corny humour from the past might not hold up with other properties, but it does with The Muppets, corny and edgy, that’s what their known for. I’m also excited for all the casual Muppet viewers to realize Uncle Deadly is not a new character from 2011 and that he had actually been around since The Muppet Show days. People have been locked down for months, watching so much drama unfold throughout our world, people need a rest, people need pure entertainment. They need something they can use to switch off, unwind and feel that warmth nostalgic feeling that takes them back to their childhoods, The Muppet Show is coming to Disney Plus just in time. The world needs The Muppets now more than ever, they don’t need Kermit and Miss Piggy going through a separation, they need the feel-good energy of The Muppet Show. Will The Muppet Show revive the variety style format? Is a backstage narrative, holding together various short sketches, exactly what today’s TikTok generation will watch? Is The Muppet Show streaming going to be the thing that brings everyone back together in 2021? If not, at least I hope it’s popular enough, that we get a spin-off show out of it.


What makes the timing of The Muppet Show debuting on Disney Plus even better now, is not just that everyone is nostalgic these days, locked at home, looking for something to binge watch but also Muppet Babies plays a big part too. Muppet Babies has reintroduced The Muppets to a whole generation of young kids for three years, the show has developed the characters so well, that these kids are more invested in the Muppets, than many other kids who came before them. Children ages three and up are now willing and ready to watch the classic The Muppet Show in all it’s glory because they’re invested in the characters from their animated series, this was exactly how I got hooked on Muppets, but with the classic 1984 show, not the 2018 show, in case that wasn’t clear for some reason. This is going to be exactly what family entertainment consists off, during lockdown, during high tensions, family members ages 1-100 can sit down together and enjoy the same form of entertainment.

Disney Plus is such a great home for The Muppet Show, it a good place for The Muppets in general and I’m so glad The Muppet Show will finally be arriving soon. If The Muppet Show trends well enough, then hopefully we might see other productions from The Muppets library makes their way onto Disney Plus in the future. Content for the nostalgic Muppet Fans, Animated Muppet Babies, Muppets Tonight, Hey Cinderella, The Frog Prince, The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson, The Muppets A Celebration of 30 Years and most obviously in my mind, The Muppets At World Disney World. The Muppet Show Sex and Violence, The Muppets Valentine Show, The Muppets Go To The Movies, The Muppets Go Hollywood, The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show and if possible A Muppet Family Christmas, that would blow all their subscribers away. Let’s not forget Muppet Classic Theatre or Muppet Fairy Tales, depending from where you’re from. This special contains six classic Muppet fairy tales, first production I can recall without any human cast members. I think this would surprise everyone at how popular it would be with kids, especially those now watching the new Muppet Babies. Some Muppet productions are easier to grow new fandoms with, by allowing them to watch more childish (Puppet) Muppets first, being children and fans of Muppet Babies, then allowing them to grow up and discover edgier Muppet content. Content for Muppet Fans and newer younger fans such as Muppet Studios DC, The Tale of The Bunny Picnic, The Muppet Sing Along Videos, The Muppet Playhouse Series, The Muppets PlayAlong videos, Kermit’s Swamp Years, The Muppets Wizard of Oz and Muppets Letters To Santa.

In fact, an annual Muppet Christmas special on Disney Plus would make for a great family tradition, that makes you feel obliged to keep Disney Plus all year round, if the tradition sticks. I’d certainly make it a family tradition; all I need is a Disney Plus subscription and my own family. Just like the “Pixar Shorts” The Muppets should have their own category of “Muppet Shorts”, I’m sure there is more than enough existent material to keep updating that category for years. Also I’m not a fan of how many Muppet Babies categories they have available, they should all be under one category. To satisfy my OCD, if I can’t organize my physical collection, I want my digital one organized instead. The John Denver Muppet Specials, The Great Santa Clause Switch, Classic Muppet Live Appearances, Little Muppet Monsters, The Muppets Take Manhattan, Muppets From Space, It’s A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie, Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, I want it all in one place, but I understand why not, though no excuse for not including Bear In The Big Blue House yet. Between The Muppet Show, Dinosaurs, Earth To Ned and the excitement of what’s to come next, Disney Plus you finally hooked me.


by Nicholas Napoli@NicholasNapoli3
Author of:
Politics, Bullies & You:
A True Story By Nicholas Napoli

Monday, January 04, 2021

NEW MuppetsHenson Poll is NOW UP! - Rate the NEW Episodes of 'Earth to Ned"

A NEW MuppetsHenson Poll is now up for your votes!

This week's question deals with the second batch of 10 episodes which began streaming on Disney+ on January 1st, 2021

Here is this week's question:

On January 1st, another 10 episodes of The Jim Henson Company's 'Earth to Ned' began streaming on Disney+  It has been a real hit with the media - making many 'Best of 2020' lists. Results from our original poll (created on September 6th, 2020) regarding the first 10 episodes resulted in 38% voted it as being Unwatchable, 31% as Excellent, 13% as Poor, 10% as Very Good and 8% as Good. So, has your opinion changed with the second batch of 10 episodes?  How would you rated Episodes 11 thru 20? VOTE NOW!! 

Let us know your thoughts. You can find the MuppetsHenson Poll near the TOP of the RIGHT SIDEBAR.

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Monday, December 28, 2020

MuppetsHenson Poll FINAL RESULTS: - YOUR Favourite Muppet Christmas Production

What is your favourite Muppet Christmas Production?
Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas 8% (3)
Christmas Eve on Sesame Street 0% (0)
A Special Sesame Street Christmas 3% (1)
John Denver & the Muppets: A Christmas Together 5% (2)
The Bells of Fraggle Rock 5% (2)
The Christmas Toy 0% (0)
A Muppet Family Christmas 39% (15)
The Muppet Christmas Carol 39% (15)
Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree 0% (0)
Elmo Saves Christmas 0% (0)
It's A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie 0% (0)
A Muppets Christmas: Letters To Santa 0% (0)
Other 0% (0)
Total votes: 38

Sunday, December 20, 2020

It’s Yet Another Very Merry Muppet Christmas Toy List by Nicholas Napoli

Here I am in the old farmhouse, on the snowy hill, nice and cosy by a roaring fire, the Christmas decorations are up, and I’m sitting in my rocking chair, knitting, feeling just a little sad that I don’t have any Muppet presents under my tree this year. Why is that I hear you ask? Am I poor? Well yes but that has never stopped me from buying Muppets, I took out a small loan once, so I could catch up on my bills and buy a Master Replica Gonzo whilst I was at it. This year though has been so hectic, I’ve been so busy, especially these last few months that I did not realize how near Christmas was and forgot to do my end of year online Muppet shopping, won’t get here on time. Luckily, I’ve managed to buy all the presents I needed to buy for everyone else, I’m so happy as I always have at least one gift left to buy on Christmas Eve and I hate that. Anyway, my plane leaves for California in three hours, I better get this list done, what could a Muppet Fan ask for this Christmas? 

Dinosaurs arrives on Disney+ on January 29 th 2021 and although I don’t have Disney+ I could not be happier. This show is timeless, not only will it never feel dated (minus Earl’s shirt) but the shows messages just gain strength as the years progress. I truly hope a whole new generation of fans get hooked on this show and when they do, they’ll be lucky enough to find merchandise of their favourite prehistoric family, thanks to no other than Funko Pops. All five of the Sinclair family are available, though I am realizing that Baby Sinclair is becoming hard to find and prices are slowly increasing, if he’s on your list, I wouldn’t wait too long to get him. I’m so happy Funko created these, like me I imagine there’s a whole bunch of people who have waited twenty years to add more Dinosaurs to their collections. All I had growing up were the Dinosaurs action figures which included the main five and B.P Richfield, I also had the talking Baby Sinclair. I’ve always wanted to add at least Ethyl and Roy to my collection, Monica, Spike, Mindy, Turtlepuss, Timmy, I’ll take as many characters as I can get, let’s hope Funko Pops releases a second series. Speaking of Disney+ and Funko Pops I just have to say how much I enjoyed Earth To Ned, so much so that I want merchandise, Ned, Cornelius and the Clods Funko Pops, especially with new episodes airing on Disney+ on January 1 st 2021, whilst we’re at it Funko, I wouldn’t mind a Weldon The Troll Funko Pop either. 

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance might have been cancelled by Netflix but the story as well as merchandise still keeps on coming, the shows life continues and hopefully someday, somehow, we’ll get a season two. Through Archaia Comics the story of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance continues to expand with a twelve-book story that has recently concluded as well as a nice collection of books, which takes you both behind and in front of the scenes. An Age of Resistance Tactics game was released 
earlier this year on both the
PlayStation4 and the Nintendo Switch. Recently a collector’s version of the game has been released for both consoles, which features a lot of nice cool extras, which might get someone who doesn’t own either console to buy this, if I can find it. The most collectable of all The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance collectables has got to be thanks to Weta Collectables who have put out some beautiful Age of Resistance statues, which if I could afford, I would collect them all. Not only did we get Age of Resistance Funko Pops but a few months later they released an exclusive set featuring my all-time favourite The Dark Crystal characters, The Heretic and The Wonderer. We also got some cool Age of Resistance ReAction Figure which go nicely with the original The Dark Crystal set that came out a few years earlier, I hope we get more of these.

River Horse will expand their The Dark Crystal games collection, having already introduced The Dark Crystal Board Game, they are now also releasing a roleplaying adventure game, not set to be released until next year though. “This 200-page book, penned by Janet Forbes and Jack Caesar, features a roleplaying game campaign set in both the original The Dark Crystal film and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance series. It contains a simple rules system, a GM toolkit, and a 100-scene adventure that also works with other game engines.
The book also showcases a fully-illustrated map of Thra, extended fold-outs, and transparency overlays. Illustrations for the book were done by Brian Froud, Johnny Frazer-Allen, Chris Caesar, and more.” Labyrinth will be getting a whole new sequel soon, which I imagine will bring a bunch of new merchandise alongside of it. For now, River Horse have not only released a Labyrinth Board Game with Goblins and Fireys expansion packs, and a card set but will also have a new game available soon titled “Ready, Steady, Worm”. And if we were hoping for any new Fraggle Rock merchandise recently, sadly there hasn’t been any. On the positive side, the Fraggles did return back with a new TV-Show for Apple TV and will be returning again at some point soon with a new Fraggle Rock series. This new show will hopefully give us more merchandise and hopefully finally some Gorg toys! I’m still hoping Funko Pops will release 6” figures of Junior Gorg, Ma Gorg and Pa Gorg as well as continue their regular line with Trash-Heap, Philo and Gunge, Doc, The Storyteller, The Worlds Oldest Fraggle but most importantly of all Cantus, that would be amazing. 

Sesame Street have recently celebrated their 50 th Anniversary and with that you can find Sesame Street merchandise everywhere, too much for me to list. Although I think it is safe to say, that the best, most welcomed Sesame Street toy that has been released this year, was all thanks to devotion 
by the fans, who finally got their
long-awaited and well-deserved Sesame Street Lego set which is beautiful. Medicom released some cool Sesame Street figures last year, and will soon release more, though they can already be found online, including new characters like Grover, the Count and Abby. Hallmark Ornaments also released a cool Cookie Monster 
and Gronger (whoever that is)
food truck and an Elmo ornament this year. As much as I love Sesame Street, I don’t collect much merchandise, though the Medicom figures look very cool, collectable-like I would argue. I wish we’d get more Sesame Street collectables like statues or busts of the main characters. The Not Too Late Show with Elmo premiered this year on HBO Max and it was a lot of fun to watch, and luckily more episodes will be premiering at some point in the future. HBO Max has other Sesame Street projects in the works and at some point, we’ll also get a new movie. I think this year was light on Sesame Street merchandise when we consider what’s to come, I can’t wait. I just hope it includes some new collectables or at least Two-Headed Monster merchandise. I have nothing of these two and have wanted some sort of toy ever since they appeared as Santa Clause in A Muppets Family Christmas when I was five years old. I know there’s a plush going around, never managed to track one down and don’t get me started on the unmade Palisades Two-Headed Monster action figure.

We didn’t get too much Muppet merchandise this year but what we did get was well worth the wait, thank you Diamond Select for completing our The Electric Mayhem Band and giving us extra Floyds, Janices and Animals to add to our collections. Now all we need is Sam the Eagle, Rizzo, Pepe, Snowths, Bobo Bear, Uncle Deadly, Sweetums, Yolanda Rat, Big Mean Carl, Lips and Walter and I think I’ll be able to move on. Luckily once again Hallmark steps into the rescue by providing a classical The Muppet Show 
ornament featuring Kermit,
good thing they did otherwise this would have been a short paragraph. No Muppet announcements at The Disney Investors Meeting, no new Muppet merchandise, luckily, we did get Muppets Now this year so I guess I’ll give the merchandise a pass. What I don’t understand is how characters like Dr Bunsen, Sam the Eagle, Scooter, Dr Teeth, Janice, Floyd, Zoot, Robin, Sweetums, Camilla, Uncle Deadly, Bobo, Mahna-Mahna, Snowths, Statler and Waldorf have not been released in plush form by The Disney Store. 
Most of
those characters have never been released as plush toys before and if they have most have never been widely available. I’m still trying to hunt down The Electric Mayhem plush set released for the 25 th Anniversary of The Muppet Show. These characters as well as the ones already released by Disney should be constantly available just as Disney does with the Muppet Babies plush toys. Speaking of Muppet Babies where have they been this year? There was a whole load of Muppet Babies toys released last year. Yes, Disney you managed to get me to buy Muppet Babies plush toys and action figures also including Summer. I even bought a Dr. Meanzo plush (basically Gonzo with a moustache how could I not buy two of those?) but if I’m going to buy any more Muppet Babies I want new characters. Rizzo, Bunsen, Beaker, Rowlf, Sweetums, Swedish Chef, Robin, Scooter, Skeeter, Statler, Waldorf, I’ll buy those. Skeeter returned! Skeeter merchandise is now possible again! Will we get a Skeeter plush? Will we get a Baby Sweetums plush as the first official Sweetums plush toy ever? Will Baby Rowlf sell out as fast as regular Rowlf did when he was first released at The Disney Store? Will Season 3 (which premieres on January 4 th 2021) be the last season? 2021 has a lot of unanswered mysteries awaiting us!

Well, I don’t know about you but after going through that list I feel like watching Muppets! I watched A Muppet Family Christmas two days ago, The Christmas Toy yesterday, I’m going to watch It’s A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie today and I’ll probably watch The Muppet Christmas Carol tomorrow. Followed by John Denver & Th Muppets A Christmas Together, Muppets Letters To Santa, The Bells of Fraggle Rock, Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, Emmet Otters Jug Band Christmas… it’s going to be a good Christmas this year, Merry Christmas everybody!  

- Nicholas Napoli

Tuesday, December 08, 2020

NEW MuppetsHenson Poll is NOW UP! - YOUR Favourite Muppet Christmas Production

A NEW MuppetsHenson Poll is now up for your votes!

This week's question deals with all the Muppet Christmas themed productions that have been produced over the years. 

Here is this week's question:

What is YOUR favourite Muppet Christmas Production?

Let us know your favourite. You can find the MuppetsHenson Poll near the TOP of the RIGHT SIDEBAR. 

Thanks for your participation!