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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

MuppetsHenson Poll Question - Who was your favourite character from Jim Henson's "Fraggle Rock"?

The year we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of
Jim Henson's "Fraggle Rock".

January 10th, 1983 it premiered on HBO in the USA,
January 23, 1983 it premiered on the CBC in Canada. 

It went on for 5 seasons.
96 episodes were produced.
The series ended in March, 1987.

An animated version aired on NBC from
September 12, 1987 - December 5, 1987.
13 episodes were produced.

A "Fraggle Rock" film has been 'In-Development' since 2005 with The Jim Henson Company.
In October 2011, the company New Regency announced that they had bought the rights to produce the film from The Jim Henson Company. NEW writer's (Jim Byrkit and Alex Manugian  of "Rango") were hired to write the screenplay back in May, 2012.

Since January is it's 'Anniversary Month', this week's MuppetsHenson Poll revolves around this wonderful series. 

This Poll will be up for a special TWO WEEK period, to allow
as many as possible to vote!

Who was your favourite character from
Jim Henson's "Fraggle Rock"?

Uncle Travelling Matt
The Doozers
The Gorgs
Majory the Trash Heap
Philo and Gunge
Convincing John
Other (please specify in Comments Section)

What makes this character your favourite? Is it because of the performer that brought him/her to life? Was it because you could relate best to that character. Does the character share the same characteristics you have or wish you did have? Or is there a totally different reason why he/she is your favourite? Please let us know why you chose the way you did. Thanks.

VOTE NOW! The Poll ends Midnight of Wednesday, January 23rd (The 30th Anniversary of "Fraggle Rock's" premiere on the CBC in Canada)

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