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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fraggle Rock - '30th Anniversary Collection' Coming to DVD Joined By 'Meet the Fraggles' and Season Re-Releases

New Package Art
for Fraggle Rock -
The Complete First Season
on DVD
Thanks to David Lambert of, with the assistance of Matthew Frier, for this exciting news.

According to several Amazon listings, March 12th, will see a re-release of Fraggle Rock - The Complete First Season on DVD, with a $29.98 SRP price tag. This 5-disc set will be followed by Fraggle Rock - The Complete Second Season on April 16th with the same price tag attached.

Then on May 14th, a 21-DVD set of Fraggle Rock - 30th Anniversary Collection, for $129.99 SRP price tag will be released. This is one more disc than the original Complete Series Collection, so we can presume it will have something extra on it.

On this same date of May 14th, you will also be able to buy Fraggle Rock - Meet The Fraggles, a single-disc title with 6 episodes for $14.93 SRP price tag.


  1. On the 30th Anniversary Box says it has all 4 complete seasons. I know of 5 seasons. I'm assuming it's the entire series, right?

  2. This has always been a confusing thing. Were there 4 or 5 seasons of "Fraggle Rock"? Fraggle Rock was 4 Seasons of 24 episodes each, 96 in all.

    This can be explained a bit better with the original DVD boxset releases.
    We got Season 1 which covers Episodes 1-24, and Season 2 which contains Episodes 25-48. Season 3 with Episodes 49-72. The last boxset, Season 4 contained all remaining episodes from 73-96.

    Thing is that HBO used the Final Season (4)in the USA to split up these episodes airing half as "Season 4" and the other half of season 4's episodes as a "Season 5".

    Hope this helps.

    So, the Anniversary Box will contain ALL episodes produced.