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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Is Kermit and Miss Piggy Getting Married...Again?

Will we see a Kermit and Miss Piggy Wedding
again in "Muppets...Again!"? 
Is Kermit and Miss Piggy getting married...again? As we reported early this morning, "Muppets...Again!" Production Designer Eve Stewart spilled the beans in an interview with BBC’s The Film Programme before her BAFTA win for Les Mis√©rables.
CLICK HERE to listen to that interview. 
(The Miss Piggy Wedding mention is about 10 minutes into the 28 minute BBC audio interview) 
When Eve was asked about her current projects, Stewart revealed that she was working on something that was “really the antithesis” of Les Mis.
Stewart: "I’m now at Pinewood doing the Muppet show, and today has been one of the best days of my life, designing Miss Piggy’s wedding at the Tower of London."
BBC: "Are you allowed to say that?"
Stewart: "Yes! I’ve never been so happy."
So is Kermit and Miss Piggy really getting married...again, or could the unthinkable happen and Miss Piggy is 'moving on' and marrying someone else? Or is Kermit's doppelganger Constantine involved? Lots of possibilites to think about and discuss. Should be fun!

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