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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fraggle Rock - '30th Anniversary Collector's Edition' Packaging and Contents Revealed!

Recently, we updated you all about  Vivendi Visual Entertainment's New "Fraggle Rock" DVD
re-releases which are coming out this spring, including the May 14th release of  "Fraggle Rock - The 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition". Not only will this set contain all 4 Seasons but the complete Animated Series also. has a price tag of $112.46 has a price tag of $93.49 (Canada)

We now have what the package art of the box will look like and all of the contents that come inside it.

This collectible 30th Anniversary Collection includes all 4 Seasons, a collectible Red plush keychain, the complete Animated Series and an all new exclusive Fraggle Rock graphic novel!

CLICK HERE to pre-order at

CLICK HERE to pre-order at

The re-release of "Fraggle Rock: The Complete First Season" comes out this week, on March 12th.

Click Here to order at for $20.86

The Complete Second Season is re-released on April 16th.
The Complete Third Season is re-released on May14th followed by The Complete Fourth Season being re-released on June 18th.

"Fraggle Rock - Meet The Fraggles" also comes out on May 14th, the same date as the new 30th Anniversary Set is released. Six episodes of the series will appear on this dvd introducing new and old to the characters of "Fraggle Rock".


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  1. Must... have... this.. I am 28 years old and never lost my love of these peace loving fraggles. Live on forever Jim Henson!