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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Amazon Studios Does Not Pick Up "Jim Henson's Teeny Tiny Dogs"

Thanks to Neil Carnahan for this news straight from The Jim Henson Company's Facebook Page:

It is with regret that we share the news that our show "Teeny Tiny Dogs" did not get a greenlight from Amazon Studios.
Unfortunately, we are not privy to the reasons behind their decision to pass, but we are so proud of the incredible support and feedback we received for this project. More people reviewed our episode than any other kids pilot posted on Amazon’s site. With the overwhelmingly positive response from viewers, we are going to follow our own show’s Happiness curriculum by showing GRATITUDE for our many fans who continue to inspire us to do our best work every day, and by feeling HAPPINESS in knowing that this work is GOOD, MEANINGFUL and WORTHWHILE. While we are very disappointed, we will try to find a home for our Teeny Tiny Dogs.
- The Jim Henson Company

1 comment:

  1. I am disappointed to hear this. We just found this the other day and my 2 year-old wanted to watch it over and over again! Now I am feeling I should have added to the positive reviews. RATS!