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Sunday, May 19, 2013

MuppetsHenson Poll Final Results For The Week of Monday May 13th - Sunday May 19th

Thursday May 16th, 2013 will mark the 23rd Anniversary of Jim Henson's Death. If he was alive today he would have been 77 years old. One of Jim's biggest wishes was that The Muppets would live on forever even after he was gone. This was one of his original reasons to sell The Muppets to Disney back in 1989, which fell apart after his death. Disney eventually purchased The Muppets in 2004. Do you think that Jim Henson would be happy with the current state of The Muppet franchise in 2013? Would he be happy with how Disney has portrayed his characters?
YES 57% (44)
SOMEWHAT 31% (24)
NO 12% (9)


  1. I think he would have loved Ricky Gervais as a lead, he's a total Muppet, in the best way possible.
    I think Jim would never have had Gonzo find his family. Gonzo was the character the odd, weird, misfits who didn't belong could related to. Those who didn't have family, or weren't understood by them. All those adopted kids who dreamed of having their family turn up from outer space never got that. Gonzo used to stand for them. The other Muppets accepted him, even if they didn't understand. Misfits like me knew if Gonzo could find acceptance we could too. But instead, he got that Disney dream that most kids just don't get in real life, and lost his purpose.