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Wednesday, August 14, 2013 NEW Exclusive Interview: Bret McKenzie on "Muppets Most Wanted"

Fred Topel of had an Exclusive Interview with Bret McKenzie on "Austenland" & "Muppets Most Wanted".

Here is what he had to say concerning The Muppets:

Is Muppets Most Wanted still a musical?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. They did the first test screening last night for friends and family, so I’m just about to start doing post-production on it.

Are you composing the songs again, or just music supervisor this time?
I’ve written all the songs.

Good, so far the only credit I saw was music supervisor, but it’s just IMDB.
It’s because there really isn’t a formal title for songwriter. It’s more like song any-lyrics-by-me.

CraveOnline: Which Muppets do you want to write for this time who didn’t get a song in the last one?
Bret McKenzie: I’m always trying to get Lew Zealand in because his name sounds like New Zealand. Lew Zealand is one of the rarer Muppets. He has a boomerang so he’s sort of a mixture of Australia and New Zealand.

Will Gonzo get a song this time?
Gonzo has a couple of verses. He doesn’t have a feature song. Piggy has a big song. Ricky Gervais has a really great voice so it’s exciting.

We were all surprised by Chris Cooper in the last one.
Yeah, yeah, that was one of the strangest sessions I’ve ever had, getting him to rap. He’s a very serious man.

He committed to it so much.
I think he went kind of method. He went Method Man on it. Anyway, that’s exciting, that film. It doesn’t come out until March which feels like ages away.

Will the Moopets be back?
I don’t know, maybe. I’m not a big fan of the Moopets to be honest, but they do show up a little bit. I like the Fozzie one. [In New York accent] “Wacka Wacka.”

I just thought it was funny that someone thought they could create fake Muppets, and they’re so sad trying to be Muppets.
I feel like it might be a Nick Stoller gag.

Did you actually fight against that?
No, I just didn’t find them that funny.

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