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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Nice Thoughts on John Henson from Muppets' Director Kirk Thatcher

Kirk Thatcher
From Kirk Thatcher's Facebook Page.
So beautifully put.

John Henson
Tonight I shall raise a glass in honor of my dear friend, Johnny Henson, who left us way too early yesterday at only 48 years old. He had a huge heart, an easy laugh, a lopsided grin, twinkly impish eyes and a wild, creative streak that burned with a quiet intensity that shone through his life and art. He was a merry madman who played Sweetums in almost all of the Muppet projects I directed and he... did it with the enthusiasm and silliness worthy of the big, sweet Ogre. I will miss him tremendously, but know that he's with his parents, Jim and Jane, heading off to make some crazy stuff with them in that infinite space that exists just beyond our physical senses, but we feel in our hearts. Godspeed, Johnny...

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