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Monday, April 13, 2015

MuppetsHenson Poll FINAL Results and NEW Poll is UP! - Your Thoughts on New Muppet TV Series Premise

Today, we learnt a bit more about the upcoming Muppets TV series coming to ABC in the near future. The premise is as follows:

Subverting the expectations of reality TV, this mockumentary looks at the day to day lives of the Muppets and the mayhem that ensues as they try to get a new network series up and running. Mixing the Muppets’ signature brand of nonsense with the hilarity of shows like "The Comeback" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm", this series finally answers the question, “What happens when the Muppets go home?”

Do you like the premise of this new Muppets TV series or would you have liked to have seen something else? 

Please let us know your thoughts on our latest MuppetsHenson Poll. It can be found in the right sidebar. Thanks for your votes!

Here are the FINAL Results to our last Poll.

Thanks to all those who participated. 
The Muppets are now starring in Disney Junior's "Muppet Moments," a new short-form series of amusing conversations between Muppets and young kids about everyday topics. The shorts premiered on Disney Junior on April 3rd.

Lets us know what you thought of the first set of shorts. How would you rate what you have seen so far?
EXCELLENT 48% (11)
VERY GOOD 22% (5)
GOOD 9% (2)
FAIR 9% (2)
POOR 9% (2)
Not Interested in Watching them 4% (1)

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