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Thursday, April 16, 2015

NEW Updates on the "Sesame Street" Movie

From The Tracking Board

As reported yesterday, the "Sesame Street"movie has changed studios from 20th Century Fox to Warner Bros. The adaptation of the popular children’s television series was originally set at Fox in 2012. The creatives behind the project have followed it to its new home. Shawn Levy, who has been on board to produce, will also now direct, with 21 Laps Entertainment and Sesame Wokshop following the project as well. 

Guymon Casady, Mark Gordon, Michael Aguilar, Cate Adams and Jesse Ehrman will stay on to produce, while Cate Adams and Jesse Ehrman will continue to oversee the project. Warner Bros. has brought new ideas to the table regarding the direction of the film, and are currently choosing writers to helm the screenplay. 

Sources say that the new direction will set the film in New York City and turn it into an adventure movie.

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