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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Josh Groban to Guest on ABC's "The Muppets"as Miss Piggy's New Boyfriend

ET reports exclusively that Josh Groban will guest star on ABC's reboot of THE MUPPETS as Miss Piggy's new love interest. The site reveals that it was Piggy's former beau, Kermit, who fixed up Hollywood's newest couple! 'Muppets' executive producer Bill Prady reveals to the site that Groban will play himself in the show's second episode. "Piggy is in a foul mood," he explains. "So her ex-boyfriend, Kermit, decides that the best way to calm everything down is to essentially fix Piggy up with somebody, and he does it by going to that list they had when they were a couple -- the free pass list [described as "a list of celebrity crushes that your significant other is allowed cheat with if the opportunity should ever present itself."] 

In order to put a halt to Piggy's impending rage, Kermit uses his executive producer power to book Groban as a guest on the show, and orchestrates an "incredibly romantic" production number. But soon afterward, Kermit comes to regret his plan. Says Prady, "[Josh] has ideas about the show. And then it becomes, 'Well, my new boyfriend thinks this and my new boyfriend thinks that.'" Groban made an appearance in 2014's big screen hit Muppets Most Wanted as a maximum security prisoner in the Siberian gulag.In May, he paired with Lindsey Stirling for a music video of 'Pure Imagination', featuring the Muppet stars.  

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