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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Reported Screenwriter of a "Labyrinth" Reboot Takes to Twitter

Nicole Perlman, the screenwriter attached to pen the script to a "Labyrinth" reboot, has an answer for all who have angrily flooded social media about yesterdays news first reported by the Hollywood Reporter.

This was her response via her Twitter page:

So, even though the Hollywood Reporter reported this story, we still have not heard from the originators of "Labyrinth", The Jim Henson Company or Tri-Star if this planned project is even happening. Unfortunately some sites, even Muppet related ones, have said that The Jim Henson Company has reported this, when in fact, they have had no comment so far.

If there is indeed another "Labyrinth" movie being made (one has been rumoured for years) it looks like it will not be a remake but either a sequel or prequel.

Time will tell, will just have to wait and see to we hear from the actual parties involved. More on this soon!

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