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Monday, January 11, 2016

NEW MuppetsHenson Poll NOW UP! - Thoughts on Announced Changes to ABC's "The Muppets"

A NEW MuppetsHenson Poll is now up for your votes!

Here is this week's question:

NEW Showrunner, Kristin Newman, has announced some of the changes coming to the last 6 episodes of ABC's "The Muppets". Things such as more heart, more zaniness, Muppets getting to perform sketches and bits on "Up Late with Miss Piggy", adding a human bad guy that could cause the Muppets to come together and fight against an outside antagonist, instead of having to fight each other and fight Miss Piggy and bringing back Camilla, Robin and some other Muppets. Do you think these changes will help increase viewership and hopefully earn a second season?

Let us know what you think. You can find the MuppetsHenson Poll near the TOP of the RIGHT SIDEBAR.

Thanks for your participation!

1 comment:

  1. I hope if they bring back Robin, he isn't still 12 years old. To me, it would ruin the illusion of the Muppets being real and alive. I can see them not ageing after a certain point in their lives (like the elves of LOTR etc.), or even looking better with age (yes, you Miss Piggy), but the children would still grow up. It would seem really weird if Robin were to suddenly come back, still a child. Especially since all the muppets routinely comment about all the years that have gone by.