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Monday, October 03, 2016

VIDEO: Debut of 'The Muppets Present ... Great Moments in American History' at Walt Disney World

The Magic Kingdom recently turned 45, and on Sunday October 2nd, it opened its most significant new attraction in more than two years. "The Muppets Present ... Great Moments in American History" made its debut at 9:30am in the park's Liberty Square area, just outside the classic Hall of Presidents attraction. 

It's a live show featuring Muppets staged in the second-story windows of Liberty Square's Heritage House and a live actor -- a singing male actor who engages with the audience and the Muppets as the town crier. The show will run at least five times a day.

The Muppets-themed show becomes the first addition to the park that isn't a quickly pieced-together stage show or parade since the Se
ven Dwarfs Mine Train opened 29 months ago.

There are two different shows: The midnight ride of Paul Revere and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The shows run multiple times daily and feature an original song.

Here’s a look at the shows: 

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