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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Jim Henson’s The Storytellers: Fairies Coming Soon

From Nerdist

Dragons. Witches. Giants. These characters of myth and legend have already been the focus of Archaia’s Jim Henson’s The Storyteller miniseries. The comics have taken tales about these beings from around the world and presented them as though they were stories being told from the most comfortable seat by the hearth, a la the 1980s television series starring John Hurt, The Storyteller. Archaia‘s continuing to spin the stories with their next installment in the series, Jim Henson’s The Storytellers: Fairies coming in December.

Each comic in the four issue miniseries will spotlight a tale about fairies; they’ll be pulled from cultures around the world. The first issue (main cover above and subscription cover below) by writer and artist Matt Smith (not that Matt Smith) is a reimagining of a story from Iceland. “The Elf Queen and the Shepherd” centers on a Fairy Princess who has been “cursed to the human realm and cursed to bring death with her.” That doesn’t sound promising. Luckily, she encounters Grettir the Strong, who might be able to break the spell.

Subsequent issues of Jim Henson’s The Storytellers: Fairies will feature narratives and illustrations by Benjamin Schipper, Tyler Jenkins, and Celia Lowenthal.

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