My Tribute To Jim Henson, by Dennis Carter Jr.
Jim Henson and his Muppet creations have been a part of my life ever since I was young.
Like most children growing up, my first exposure to his Muppet characters was on Sesame Street. My mother and I watched it every day, and remember many of the great songs and skits that took place on the show. My favorite characters on the show were always Ernie and Bert, and I would always laugh at how Ernie would drive Bert crazy so many times. My favorite is the 'Rhyming Game' that Ernie wants to play, but Bert has no interest in, yet Ernie still gets him to play it with him. I am actually listening to a sound recording of it as I type this letter. After all these years I still laugh and enjoy it.
A few years later 'The Muppet Show" came on and I never missed an episode of it when it was on. Kermit has been and always will be my favorite. My favorite 'Muppet Show' episode is the one with Mark Hamill and the cast of Star Wars, as I am also a big Star Wars fan as well. 
As time went on, everything Muppet related I enjoyed watching and never missed. The Muppet movies, Fraggle Rock, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, and even holiday specials like Emmet Otters Jug Band Christmas, The Christmas Toy, Tale Of The Bunny Picnic, etc. I saw them all !!
I even wrote Jim Henson a fan letter and he sent me an autographed picture which i still have to this day.
I grew up in a show biz family, and have done all kinds of things from being an actor, costume character, voice overs, magician assistant, etc, but the one thing I always wanted to do was my own puppet show after being inspired by all his work for years. 
So, In my High School Media Arts Class, I made a series of short seven minute films with puppets and toys. I filmed, voiced and performed all the characters myself, and continued to make these films for fun through college where I studied all aspects of film and television. My love for Jim Henson and his Muppets of all kinds were what inspired me to make these films, and one of the reasons why I chose to study the entertainment industry. 
Now as an adult, I still enjoy all he has done, and again his work inspired me to create my own muppets and entertain children and adults.
For the past few years I performed at an event here on Long Island called The Long Island Scottish Games, where I perform three shows for the guests here. Last year I performed my first live puppet show there and am performing another puppet show this year as well.
To me, Jim Henson is a genius in all and everything he did. Even though computers, CGI , has become a major asset it the film and television industry, still nothing will ever compare to the art of puppetry, or the worlds and characters Jim Henson brought to billions of fans all around the world for years, and inspired people, like myself, to create their own muppet world. 
Jim Henson is sadly no longer with us, but the truth is he was never really gone. He is with us everyday as new generations discover his work and older generations who grew up with his work, pass it on to their children and their children and so on. His legacy will out live us all, and he will live on forever in our hearts, our memories, and through his work as well.

Thank you Jim Henson for all you have given the world and still continue to give to the world forever...........
Dennis Carter Jr.
Roslyn Heights, New York