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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Latest MuppetsHenson Poll FINAL Results: Kevin Clash

Kevin Clash, the Emmy Award winning puppeteer of Elmo and target of a trio of lawsuits alleging underage sex abuse, had all three lawsuits dismissed earlier this week. Kevin has now said that he would like to go
about the business of 're-claiming his personal life and his professional standing'. Would you like to see Kevin return to "Sesame Street" and resume the role of Elmo, or do you think it would be best for him and "Sesame Street" to move on and let Ryan Dillon (current performer) continue in the role?
YES - Would Like to See Kevin Return to "Sesame Street" and Resume His Role as Elmo 53% (51)
NO - Think It Would Be Best For "Sesame Street" and Kevin to Move On and have Ryan Dillon (Current Performer) Continue the Role of Elmo 47% (46)

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