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Monday, September 09, 2013

NEW "Fraggle Rock" Mugs & Barware Coming Soon....

Pre-Order now from Entertainment Earth -
Icup's "Fraggle Rock" Mugs and Barware.
Available in October 2013

However, I saw and purchased the 'Fraggle Rock Doozers At Work Ceramic Mug' last month, so you never know, you just might find these out there sooner! If I see or hear anything, l will let you know here!



  1. I love the Doozer mug, would love one, but the shipping to the UK is very expensive :(

  2. I don't know how it was released early, but I've had that Doozer mug for months, hahah. Got it at the "Oops! Outlet Store" at a Tanger outlet center near my house.

  3. (Didn't see that you wrote the same thing, Brian. Cool to know it wasn't just me!)