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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Jdiff Surprise Movie 2014 revealed. Hint: It Has Muppets In It

Audiences packed into Savoy for the annual secret film....

As Jdiff 2014 draws to a close, audiences packed into Savoy 1 for the annual surprise movie, some years are strong, other years result in walk-outs but 2014 looks like a big crowd pleaser.
MUPPETS MOST WANTED was the surprise film for this years Jameson Film festival.

Below is a list of other surprise movies shown previously at the film festival.

2013 - Welcome To The Punch
2012 - Casa De Mi Padre & This Must Be The Place
2011 - Cedar Rapids
2010 - Greenberg
2009 - Hamlet 2
2008 - The Escapist
2007 - 300
2006 - The Jacket
2005 - The Squid and the Whale
2004 - Starsky & Hutch
2003 - Buffalo Soldiers

"Muppets Most Wanted" will go on general release in Irish cinemas next month

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