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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

‘Muppets Most Wanted’ #BadFrog Viral Site for Constantine Launches

Now this is AWESOME!

From StitchKingdom.com

There’s an old eastern European saying that dates back to the mid-1300s which — when roughly translated — goes something along the lines of ‘if you can’t dominate the world, at least you can trend it.’ That appears to be the inspiration behind the newest marketing venture from Walt Disney Studios UK which very recently launched its BadFrog.Me website in honor of the world’s number one villain and Muppets Most Wanted co-star, Constantine.

Relying heavily on the #BadFrog hashtag, the site launches promoting contests and invitations to use it on Twitter and Instagram and plays hosts to a few exclusive videos featuring Constantine himself. In addition, the site also hosts some interesting subpages including one on Constantine’s biography (one blurb reads ‘the best book I’ve ever read hanging out of a window by my ankles.’ and even a #BadFrog store with some particularly inspired merchandise.

Given the fact that one of the items currently for sale (the others marked ‘coming soon’) is a Disney Store Constantine plush, the site is no doubt inspired by the Monsters University campus store which sold exclusive merchandise inspired by the film. While some of the items are never likely to hit the shelf, there are definitely a few we can see happening, including the Constantine #BadFrog balaclava — perfect for pulling off the perfect heist, or maybe some imperfect skiing.
CLICK HERE to visit the Badfrog, com site!


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