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Monday, April 07, 2014

Meeting Steve Whitmire and Matt Vogel by KingRichard76

Matt Vogel, KingRichard76, Steve Whitmire
Steve is performing KingRichard76's Kermit 
As a relative newbie I wasn't sure whether to post about this yet, but a very VERY lovely guy last week asked me to and here goes:

Last week there was a lot of UK promotional appearances for Muppets Most Wanted including the London premiere that was a real wonderful experience to go to, its something else to see Kermit, Miss Piggy and Constantine arrive in the back of a black London cab. I can...
only imagine that Steve, Eric and Matt must have been exhausted with all the appearances but it just goes to show how amazing they are, one television appearance they (Kermit and Constantine) were due to be on was the "Alan Carr Chattyman" show (which is filmed on a Wednesday at the ITV London Studios) I didn't have tickets for it and I only knew about Kermit, Constantine and Ricky Gervais being on it long after most probably all the Tickets would have been issued.

(As with the first screening of Muppets Most Wanted that was hosted at the Prince Charles Cinema on the Saturday (FILLED up with Muppet fans) I'd chosen a few days earlier to wear my Kermit onesie, plus Kermit tshirt, plus take along my Kermit I'd worn this same get up at the premiere on Monday, Tuesday I'd washed the onesie and tshirt and on the Wednesday I wore both the onesie and tshirt again)

I'd gone up to London to wait outside the studios to see if I could quickly meet Steve and Matt, and had been outside with all the glorious weather this country is known for, rain, rain, snow, there was a Girl who was waiting for guests from "Loose Women" (another show filmed at the same Studios) and we became quite well acquainted, she was very chatty and we kept each other company for several hours, as time wore on it seemed that I wouldn't be getting to meet Steve and Matt and one of the drivers had said they'd gone in quite some time ago, so I was ready to just go home, think of it being a nice trip up to London and that I tried my best, the Girl said to me she was going to check to see if the Audience had gone in, she went off and in the meantime I was getting all my stuff together, putting the rain drenched umbrella ella ella ay ay into a carrier bag and getting ready to go- I then see this Girl come back and FURIOUSLY BECKON me with her arm (almost like she was trying to land light aircraft or something) clearly she wanted me to come over to her as quickly as possible, whilst doing my best to not trip on the mud and puddles on the grass I reached her and she said how they had spare seats for the show...

So I gave the very nice guy from SRO audiences my name, email address and phone number and was given a wristband (not quite believing my luck) the next moment I'm ushered inside the Studios and then make my way into Studio 1, I get seated and I have to tell you being in a nice warm studio with hot lights bearing down on you was such a contrast to the typical London weather. The warm up guy Stuart was a very jovial chap who got us all into the right mood. Alan Carr was introduced, did his stint, then out came Gary (Singer/Songwriter) Barlow, then Jessica (Actress/Writer) Hines, at this point we saw Kermit and Constantine in their make up chairs And then Ricky (Dominic- yeah like you need me to tell you who he is Gervais, the first bits of the interview were classic Gervais both funny and edgy, then when it came to talking about Muppets Most Wanted Ricky became almost kidlike with his true and utmost respect and endearing thoughts in regards to the Muppets.

After a brief prerecorded segment of Kermit and Constantine coming out, by this point huge boards were put up all around the set so we couldn't see the "Couch" put in place, and then it was revealed to us and a huge cheer went up as there on the couch was Kermit and Constantine It was so friggin awesome seeing just how many people from the Muppets/Disney were there and just how intricate the setup was, something even as small as Kermits elbow being adjusted. The interview started and rather than watch most of it on the overhead monitor I looked over to the set to see them being performed live.

During different setups the warm up guy mentioned the Muppets and then he clocked me wearing my Kermit onesie (my hood was up for the entire recording) and he remarked on how I looked like "Kermits illegitimate son." he saw I had my Kermit Muppet with me as well, and asked me to stand up (in front of 399 other people which saw the audience turn to look at me and clap and cheer) "You truly are a Fan." he said.

Back on the Studio floor Kermit and Alan were in position to do a walking shot to Gary's piano (it was so flipping awesome seeing Steve on his stool - not sure what the actual term is - and having Kermit doing a quick walking shot, once they got to the piano and different Muppet staff did last minute checks, at this point they cut to Ricky and Constantine on the couch a big "Awwww" went up when Constantine was cuddling up to Rickys lap. Gary briefly played a few notes from the Muppet Show on his piano and then by that time Kermit and Alan and Gary were ready by the Piano for the duet between Kermit and Gary. Then we were all thanked for coming

It was now when the Studio lights came on and my fellow audience members started to leave, one of the Studio staff from behind me asked if I had had a good time, if I enjoyed it, my answer was a huge yes, and then from up the stairs of the audience seating (making her way as best she could between audience members) was a lady from the Muppet Party who said "Steve wants to see you." OH MY GOD! (was one of a multitude of things that went through my head when I heard this) "Would you like to come down?" admittedly I was doing my best not to freak, but coming down the stairs right onto the studio floor and there was Steve and Matt ready to greet me, a huge smile on Steves face and such a really warm greeting, hugging him is something I'll never forget, we were allowed by Studio staff/Disney/Muppet reps to have that bit of time together. I've truly never met such a nicer guy he treated me like I was an old Friend it was his idea to get a pic of us.

The Lady (I don't know her name but a HUGE thank you if she maybe watching) for taking the pic of Steve and I... I still had Kermit with me and asked if Steve would be ok to Perform it for this pic, the picture on who's iphone this picture was taken (also from my neck of the woods) was also in the picture and I asked Matt to be in the picture as well.

KingRichard76 and Steve Whitmire
Steve is performing KingRichard76's Kermit
by KingRichard76


  1. Sounds like the best day ever - absolutely thrilled for you! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. What an amazing experience! Such lovely people involved! I feel full of joy just reading about your day (even though it was 18 months ago now lol)