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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More from Rockne S. O'Bannon on the "Farscape" Film

Here is a portion from Bryan Cairns' interview with Rockne S. O'Bannon (NBC's "Revolution") from Comic Book Resources. A couple questions were asked about the recently released info (by Rockne) on a "Farscape" film being spearheaded by Brian Henson.

Looking at other projects, you announced a Farscape movie was in the pipeline. What stage in development is that at?

The true answer is that we are developing a script for a feature. Financing is being looked at. There’s a great deal of passion for it. Brian Henson, who has been a champion for the series, has never let go of it. He’s spearheading this. Knowing Brian as I do, I have a great deal of confidence that he’s going to make it happen.

Will you be building on the events of The Peacekeeper Wars, or producing a stand-alone story?

That is the challenge. The reason there is a Farscape feature, if there is one, is because of the passion of the fans, who just haven’t given up and are really anxious to see the Farscape they know and love. We want to present that as well. On the other hand, there’s the desire to entertain and satisfy and hook people into the Farscape world. It’s trying to build a story that is loyal to the premise and tone and the characters and the story situations that have come before. That’s vital. But then also doing it in a way that’s not only for the fans. That’s the tightrope we are walking right now. It’s challenging, but other shows have done it.

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