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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

‘Muppets Now’ a NEW Short-Form Series Coming to Disney+

A short-form unscripted series starring the Muppets is set to premiere on the forthcoming Disney streaming service in 2020. The news was recently announced at the Disney+ D23 Expo event.

The announcement came with a brief teaser of Kermit and Joe the Legal Weasel arguing over how many details about the series they were allowed to divulge.

“You are not authorized to offer a peak, sneak or otherwise,” said the stubborn weasel in the brief clip. “I know how you frogs are, you’re always looking to leap into the next big thing.”

“I’d love to tell you more, but Joe The Legal Weasel is right behind me. Gulp,” wrote Kermit on his Twitter page.

The series will feature plenty of everyone’s favourite Muppets alongside celebrity guests.

“Muppets Now” will be produced by Muppets Studios.

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