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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Brent Dodge & Co.'s Visit to The Jim Henson Company

From www.fromscreentotheme.com, the Official Website of Brent Dodge, comes this awesome story of their visit to The Jim Henson Company. Enjoy!
Adventures by Disney

August 5, 2013 - Day 2 - Part 2
Just after returning from El Capitan we headed off to the Jim Henson Studio! The Jim Henson Studio acquired this piece of land in 1999. It was Charlie Chaplin's original studio, but the residents in the surrounding neighborhood didn't actually want Chaplin to build a studio lot there. Chaplin decided to build a lot that blended in to the surrounding area causing people to have no idea a major studio was actually located there. Chaplin pulled through on his promise and the rest is history!
Upon arrival we separated into two different groups. Our group was taken to the theater where we were shown a short film about how the studio came to be. It was narrated by two Muppets!
Kermit the Frog
First glance at Kermit

Entrance to Jim Henson Studio
Jim Henson Studio theater
The Theater

Muppet Movie

Muppet Movie

Muppet Movie

Muppet Movie
After watching the film we were invited to enter the Reception room where we got an amazing opportunity: to hold an Emmy the studio had won!
Our Group
Jim Henson Company
We then found out Brian Henson, the CEO wasn't on set today. Due to this we got a once in a lifetime opportunity: to go inside his personal office!
Brian Henson's Office
Brian Henson's Studio
Brian Henson's Studio
Brian Henson's office
Brian Henson's Office
Brian Henson's Studio
Brian Henson's Office
Brian Henson's Studio
Brian Henson's office
From Brian Henson's office we headed up to an executive room where a lot of the decisions for the Muppets are made! Along the way we checked out a few memorable locations on the lot!
Muppet Lot
"Is this Universal Studios?"

Charlie Chaplin studio
Where Charlie Chaplin kept his films and shoes
Henson Recording Studios
Where "We are the World" was recorded!
Charlie Chaplin's footprints
Charlie Chaplin's footprints
Men's room at studio
Men's room has Kermit...
Women's room  has Miss Piggy
...Women's Room has Miss Piggy!
Muppet Studios
Tyler and I in front of Muppets sign!

Amazing mural in Executive Room. Can you spot the hidden Jim Henson?
Jack Frost head
Jack Frost head used in the film of the same name!
Afterwards we headed down to a room where we weren't allowed to take pictures. Inside we found artwork for the films Frog and Toad and Which Witch? which are both in production. In addition we found old set pieces like the baby from the TV show Dinosaur!                
After, we made our way to the set where several Charlie Chaplin films were made and were given a live presentation of how Muppets come to life! The best part was our Gamer Tuesday writer, Pap, was chosen to help out!
Muppet set
Muppet Presentation
Muppet Presentation
Muppet Presentation
DJ the Muppet
Meeting DJ the Muppet!
After we finished up at the Jim Henson Studio, we made our way over to The Tam O'Shanter, which was Walt's favorite restaurant in Hollywood. 

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